Anastasia Pilepchuk

Cherry Face, 2021

60 x 80 cm
digital C-print and video

"It was rather difficult to work with fresh cherries. Not only are they extremely delicate and not the most sturdy material, but there was also the temptation to taste a sample of their beauty. Two on the mask and one into the mouth, and it was a total of six kilos of cherries after all...”

About the artist:

Anastasia Pilepchuk is an artist from Moscow with Buryat roots. She was born in snowy Yakutia, Russia, where the cult of shamanism still exists to this day. In her work she is interested in the notions of sublime and illusion, entering into a meditative process akin to a dream-like state. The real and the fantasy weave together, hiding behind the masks and layers.

The method she uses in her work is based on constructing an image or an object starting from the small building blocks, which, when gradually put together, let the pattern of the whole emerge. She likes to reconsider materials and shapes, finding new ways to inscribe them into reality through the imagination and the moments of improvisation that occur within repetitive work.