Black Hole, 2020

70 x 50 cm
acrylic and oil on canvas

"The painting 'Black Hole' is a still life as part of the 'Event Horizons' project. This work is about connections and intersections of events, objects, thoughts and feelings. This is the moment and coordinate in space, which united the chaotically flowing mass of everything that we know and have."

About the artist:

Dasha Maltseva (b.1994, Perm, Russia) lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the National Research University — Higher School of Economics with a bachelor degree in History (Perm campus) and a master degree in Contemporary Painting (Moscow campus). Maltseva works primarily in figurative painting and graphics.

Solo exhibition: Event Horizons, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2021

Group exhibitions: Open, Myxa Art Gallery, Moscow, 2021; Art Christmas, CUBE Moscow, 2020; Forced Relationships, HSE Art Gallery, Moscow, 2020; Everything Will Be All Right, White Room Foundation, Moscow, 2020; Situation, online-project, Telling Stories Festival, 2020; Call Me Back on My Home Number, HSE Online Gallery, 2020; Semi-final, competition Pebeo Mixed Media, OBDNNIE Art Space, Moscow, 2019