Grace Gloria Denis

Aural Oral, 2019

60 x 80 cm
digital C-print and audio

Aural Oral featuring produce
from Domaine Sauvage in Morocco


‘Aural Oral’ is an immersive sound installation that occurs in conjunction with an edible performance, presenting the meal as a sonic reflection on processes of cultivation, fabrication, and assembly. ‘Aural Oral’ valorizes the work of small scale farms through an intimate interaction in both the fabrication of the menu and the recording process, proposing a sensorial relationship that extends beyond the domain of the gustatory. In cognizance of the fact that 60% of the food consumed globally is derived from small scale farms, ‘Aural Oral’ amplifies the miniscule gestures of the farm to illuminate the importance of working with sustainable agricultural productions to promote biodiversity.

About the artist:

Grace Gloria Denis, born 1990 in Los Angeles, lives and works in Mexico City. Her work converges agricultural research with interactive installation, incorporating edible material, sound, and image. Implementing the meal as both a medium and a pedagogical tool, her work refers to participatory action research models and engages in collaborations with farmers. She received her BFA from Cal Arts and her MFA from HEAD Genève. Her work has been exhibited in France, Switzerland, the US, the UK, Morocco, and Greece. She has taught and developed non-profit arts education programs for various institutions and recently published the book “In, From, and With: Exploring Collaborative Survival”.