Natasha Goncharova

Mutant Chicken, 2021

50 x 70 cm
oil and pastel on wood


"This work is dedicated to an important topic of the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in poultry production. With average slaughter age of 43 days, broiler chickens live without seeing sunlight and become so large that they cannot walk. Over the last 80 years or so, the slaughter age of a standard broiler chicken has decreased considerably, whereas the final market weight has significantly increased. In comparison, more traditional breeds of meat chickens can take around 12 weeks to reach slaughter weight.

All of this is dictated by the market and intensive industrial farming systems. Overuse of antibiotics in poultry production provokes the development of new bacteria and raises more risks of transmitting drug-resistant bacteria to humans. This affects us as consumers - every year more and more people are facing the fact that antibiotics do not work."

About the artist:

Natasha Goncharova (b.1995 in Moscow, Russia) lives and works in Moscow. She is a multimedia artist working with installation, sculpture, graphics, painting, video and street art.

Personal exhibitions / curatorial projects: 2020 "Alive" Tibetan Book of the Dead Web Maze - Cyber Exhibition at art.sample - Transferred to the archives of the GARAGE Museum 2017 "Prism of the future - present - past" "Stenka vyshka" Moscow / personal exhibition; 2017 "Time of Troubles / Soulful Joy" "Stenka vyshka" Moscow / curatorial project.

Selected group exhibitions:
2021 “Vacation” MMOMA/Moscow Museum of Modern Art/ - art.sample; 2020 2nd Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art "Beautiful Night of All People" - participant of "Platform Heidiger - Other Times"; 2020 "Squatting Research" is a joint project of the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov and the School "Free Workshops" MMOMA / MSH; 2019 "A Second Away" as part of the art group "XVATIT" Winery OPEN Curated by Stas Shuripa.

Trade fairs: 2020 - blazar Moscow; 2021 - blazar Moscow