Natasha Perova

Self-Preservation, 2021

80 x 80 cm
digital c-print, mixed media

“There is nothing wrong with a little self-preservation!”

N.b. Kholodets is a traditional Russian dish consisting of meat in gelatine. The name is derived from the Russian word kholod, meaning cold, referring to the fact that kholodets is always served cold.

About the artist:

Natalya Perova (b.1995, Belgorod, Russia) lives and works in Moscow. She is a multimedia artist, graduated from Belgorod Institute of Culture and Arts (2011-2015).

She is also one of the founders of the creative educational platform 'K34' where she explored various media (2015-2018). Since 2019, she studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art BAZA (Moscow), and she is a member of the art group 'SKVIR Art' since 2020, which employs shame as a medium.

Perova is a Tretyakov Prize winner for "Online Project of the Year" 2020. She is also a co-organizer and resident of "Vinogradov S.P." since 2020.